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This library allow you to create swipeable component, by exemple for a row in a list view, or anywhere you want. The code is based on the experimental SwipeableListView of react-native.



npm install --save react-native-swipeable-view

Usage example

import SwipeableView from 'react-native-swipeable-view';

// Buttons
var btnsArray = [
    text: 'Button',

// SwipeableView component
<SwipeableView btnsArray={ btnsArray }>
    <Text>Swipe me left</Text>


Prop Type Optional Default Description
isOpen         bool   Yes false Swipeout is open or not
autoClose       bool   Yes     false   Auto-Close on button press
btnsArray array No [] Swipe buttons array
onOpen func Yes Callback when swipe is opened
onClose func Yes Callback when swipe is closed
onSwipeStart   func   Yes       Callback when swipe start
onSwipeEnd   func   Yes       Callback when swipe end
shouldBounceOnMount bool Yes false Bounce component on mount
swipeThreshold number Yes 30 The minimum swipe distance required before fully animating the swipe
isRTL bool Yes false True/false if the current language is right to left
Button props
Prop Type Optional Default Description
props           object Yes               Pass custom props to button component
component       string Yes     null   Pass custom component to button
onPress func Yes null Function executed onPress
text string Yes 'Click Me' Text
type string Yes 'default' Default, primary, secondary

To Do

If you have any amelioration: