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name: cblrepo
version: 0.6.999
cabal-version: >= 1.6
license: OtherLicense
license-file: LICENSE-2.0
copyright: Copyright (c) 2011 Magnus Therning
author: Magnus Therning
maintainer: Magnus Therning <>
stability: experimental
synopsis: Tool to maintain a database of CABAL packages and their dependencies
Helper tool for people maintaining a set of CABAL packages for their
distribution. It maintains a database of packages and verifies
dependencies of the entire set as packages are added or updated. It also
makes it trivial to track packages as new versions are released on Hackage.
It can also be used to build source packages for the ArchLinux distribution.
category: Utils, Distribution
build-type: Custom
executable cblrepo
hs-source-dirs: src
main-is: Main.hs
other-modules: Util.Misc PkgDB Add BumpPkgs BuildPkgs Sync
Versions Updates ListPkgs Urls PkgBuild Util.Translation
OldPkgDB ConvertDB Remove
build-depends: base ==4.6.*, cmdargs ==0.10.*, filepath ==1.3.*,
directory ==1.2.*, Cabal ==1.16.*, json ==0.5.*,
bytestring ==0.10.*, tar ==0.4.*, zlib ==0.5.*, mtl >=2.0 && <2.2,
process ==1.1.*, Unixutils ==1.50.*, unix ==2.6.*,
ansi-wl-pprint ==0.6.*
Source-Repository head
Type: git
-- vim: set tw=0 :
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