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A build of ghcide that isn’t broken.

I maintain this repo, with the accompanying cache, solely for my own use.


I’ve found that a disappointing number of Haskell packages is marked as broken in nixpkgs, in particular ghcide. This repo is my attempt at fixing this so it works for me. If I find other useful tools that are broken I might add them too in the future.


I’ve tried other repos/caches that contain ghcide, but I either found them rather confusing to use, or that they didn’t provide a usable cache.

I’m trying to keep the setup simple. That unfortunately means that the ability to configure is rather limited. This repo pins nixpkgs and exports a full package set.


This is how I use this repo

with (import (builtins.fetchGit {
  name = "ghcide-for-nix";
  url =;
  rev = "927a8caa62cece60d9d66dbdfc62b7738d61d75f";
}) );


Build cache

Go to Cachix for information about how to use a cache of pre-built packages.

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