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Mod for Factorio

This mod allows trains with low fuel to automatically enter the fuel stop to replenish fuel. Currently, the train goes to the fuel stop if only for about 3 minutes fuel is available (at full speed). The fuel quantity is not fixed, rather is calculated by the maximum consumption of the train.

Tutorial: This mod adds special train stations to the game. They can be set often. The first stop is calling "Fuel Stop". But you can rename the stops as desired. By the Mod, however, all other Fuel Train Stop are also renamed. As soon as the automatic running train has low fuel, it automatically drive to the next fuel train stop. You do not have to adjust anything on the trains.

from discussion

  1. Build a normal train network
  2. Set your train schedule normally
  3. Craft the Fuel Station item
  4. Place it on your rail network
  5. Setup something that would insert fuel in a train that is stopped there
  6. Wait ! When the train is low on fuel, it will automatically search for the nearest fuel station, go there and resume its schedule when it's fulled.