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<FXBlurView /> provides a [React Native][react-native] component wrapping the native FXBlurView UIView subclass for realtime background blur effect and is compatible with iOS 5 and above.


Table of contents


rnpm install react-native-fxblurview



Provides a React Native component which wraps the FXBlurView.

import FXBlurView from 'react-native-fxblurview'

class BlurredView extends Component {
  render() {
    return (
        { this.props.children }
Prop Type Opt/Required Default Note
blurEnabled bool Optional true Toggles blurring on and off for an individual FXBlurView instance
blurRadius number Optional 40 Radius of the blur effect (in points). Defaults to a 40 point radius, which is similar to the iOS 7 blur effect
dynamic bool Optional false Controls whether the FXBlurView updates dynamically, or only once when the view is added to its superview


open example/FXBlurViewExample/ios/FXBlurViewExample.xcodeproj

See the example project for a working example.


Just submit a pull request!


Twitter - @imnmj

Copyright and license

Code and documentation copyright 2016 Noah. Code released under the MIT license.