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TESV: Skyrim Alchemy Helper

v0.6.3 : November 13th, 2011

Find alchemy recipes for The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim based on an initial ingredient. You can supply extra parameters to specify further instructions for the resulting recipes. By default it will attempt to find recipes which will cover the maximum number effects in the given ingredient (discovery).


The Skyrim Alchemy Helper can be run using the command line or through the Python IDLE which will prompt for the inputs an interactive fashion.

$ python "Creep Cluster" 4

Displays all recipes which discover all 4 effects on Creep Cluster ingredient

$ python "Scaly Pholiota" a 5

Display any recipe involving a Scaly Pholiota which has 5 effects

$ python "Glowing Mushroom" 2 | grep -A 4 'Resist Shock'

Display any recipe involving a Glowing Mushroom which has 2 effects including Resist Shock

Credits and Special thanks

Thanks to Elder Scrolls Wiki for a comprehensive list of the effects associated with the various alchemy ingredients.


Copyright (c) 2011 "magus"