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A toolkit for creating Metro / Modern UI styled WPF apps.
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A toolkit for creating metro-style WPF applications. Lots of goodness out-of-the box.


TeamCity TeamCity TeamCity

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main demo window


main demo window animated


You can read the documentation on the web site:
You can also help keep the documentation up to date by submitting a pull request on the repository. If you're unfamiliar with GitHub Pages, the help guides here are a good place to start.

Release Notes


MahApps.Metro has a Material and Modern Icon pack for better usage (currently only available via pre-release).

<metro:PackIconMaterial Kind="EmoticonCool" />
<metro:PackIconModern Kind="FuturamaFry" />

You can still download the old resources via Nuget package.

Contributing to this project

Did you stumble upon a bug? Before reporting it to us, please check out the FAQ to see if it is actually a bug. If you can not find anything related to your issue, feel free to report it to us in the issue tracker.

If you've improved MahApps.Metro and think that other people would enjoy it, submit a pull request. Anyone and everyone is welcome to contribute.

Please take a moment to review the guidelines for contributing.

You need Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition to build the solution (comes with #2330), so we can use the new C# 6 features. You can use the dev-vc2013 branch if you still have the Visual Studio 2013, but no new feature or fix will be added in this branch by me™.


CheckBox and RadioButton styles adapted from styles created by Brian Lagunas of Infragistics.

Missing a control?

If you're looking for a control that we don't have, we have some friends who have made MA.M compatible controls. Check them out:

A short How To

Or, how to create a simple MahApps.Metro Application and a Window...

<Application x:Class="WpfApplication.App"
        <ResourceDictionary Source="pack://application:,,,/MahApps.Metro;component/Styles/Controls.xaml" />
        <ResourceDictionary Source="pack://application:,,,/MahApps.Metro;component/Styles/Fonts.xaml" />
        <ResourceDictionary Source="pack://application:,,,/MahApps.Metro;component/Styles/Colors.xaml" />
        <ResourceDictionary Source="pack://application:,,,/MahApps.Metro;component/Styles/Accents/Blue.xaml" />
        <ResourceDictionary Source="pack://application:,,,/MahApps.Metro;component/Styles/Accents/BaseLight.xaml" />
<controls:MetroWindow x:Class="WpfApplication.MainWindow"

    <!-- your content -->

namespace WpfApplication
  public partial class MainWindow : MetroWindow
    public MainWindow()

Awesome tools which MahApps can use

TeamCity Resharper

Visual Studio Templates

MahApps.Metro have 4 simple templates to start with the awesome MahApps.Metro library.

  • WPF MahApps.Metro Application (.NET4)
  • WPF MahApps.Metro Application (.NET45)
  • Visual Basic WPF MahApps.Metro Application (.NET45)
  • Window MahApps.Metro (WPF)

Download this (templates are created with VS 2013) and extract it to your user template folder:

c:\Users\<USER>\Documents\Visual Studio 201x\

Now you can choose the templates at the New Project dialog.

Breaking Changes


Microsoft Public License (Ms-PL)

This license governs use of the accompanying software. If you use the software, you accept this license. If you do not accept the license, do not use the software.

  1. Definitions The terms "reproduce," "reproduction," "derivative works," and "distribution" have the same meaning here as under U.S. copyright law. A "contribution" is the original software, or any additions or changes to the software. A "contributor" is any person that distributes its contribution under this license. "Licensed patents" are a contributor's patent claims that read directly on its contribution.

  2. Grant of Rights (A) Copyright Grant- Subject to the terms of this license, including the license conditions and limitations in section 3, each contributor grants you a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free copyright license to reproduce its contribution, prepare derivative works of its contribution, and distribute its contribution or any derivative works that you create. (B) Patent Grant- Subject to the terms of this license, including the license conditions and limitations in section 3, each contributor grants you a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free license under its licensed patents to make, have made, use, sell, offer for sale, import, and/or otherwise dispose of its contribution in the software or derivative works of the contribution in the software.

  3. Conditions and Limitations (A) No Trademark License- This license does not grant you rights to use any contributors' name, logo, or trademarks. (B) If you bring a patent claim against any contributor over patents that you claim are infringed by the software, your patent license from such contributor to the software ends automatically. (C) If you distribute any portion of the software, you must retain all copyright, patent, trademark, and attribution notices that are present in the software. (D) If you distribute any portion of the software in source code form, you may do so only under this license by including a complete copy of this license with your distribution. If you distribute any portion of the software in compiled or object code form, you may only do so under a license that complies with this license. (E) The software is licensed "as-is." You bear the risk of using it. The contributors give no express warranties, guarantees or conditions. You may have additional consumer rights under your local laws which this license cannot change. To the extent permitted under your local laws, the contributors exclude the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement.

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