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Portions of code Copyright 1999-2007 Gentoo Foundation,
distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2

My own License: Anarchy. Original text written in Russian.

License: Anarchy.

All spontaneous [translation problem: = "elemental"]
(including social (including legal, moral, etc.))
aspects of existence and use of the given code are force-majeur
circumstances and the author do not interest.

Money are welcome.

(c) mahatma, 29.09.2006
Original (utf-8):

License: Anarchy.

Все стихийные (включая социальные (включая юридические, моральные и т.д.))
аспекты существования и использования данного кода являются форс-мажорными
обстоятельствами и автора не интересуют.

Money are welcome.

(c) mahatma, 29.09.2006

This is Gentoo Overlay, named "raw", moved from googlecode.

Contains my raw stuff, helping me (and 2 anyone who take a risq)
to unify, sync and build my servers & workstations.

Must work with "layman -a raw" (as soon Gentoo Overlay directory
follow my email about migration).

Howto install around layman:
Add to /etc/portage/repos.conf (/etc/portage/repos.conf/raw.conf):

sync-type = git
sync-uri =
location = /var/lib/layman/raw
auto-sync = Yes


sync-type = svn
sync-uri =
location = /var/lib/layman/raw
auto-sync = Yes

# rm -Rf /var/lib/layman/raw || mkdir -p /var/lib/layman/raw
# emerge --sync raw

("svn" way will be incompatible with layman way)

Add to make.conf:

Kernel cmdline changes (some of):

=== USE genkernel pnp -klibc:

quiet=true|false - affect only initrd scripts;
autoinstall - unpack modules from initrd to root if none;
detect_root[=...] - detect root device;
fast - not strict ordered, dangerous, etc operations;
loadall - all modules bomb;
telnetd - run telnetd;
passwd=<passwd_line> - /etc/passwd whole line;
transparent_hugepage_misc - additional early "always"/"defer";
mdadm[=async|<params>] - "async" - run "mdadm --assemble ..." in background/parallel
	- to avoid stuck large non-boot partitions in some strange cases.
	or "mdadm --assemble <param>" (primary for "--uuid=...")
fsck - run fsck (chroot'ed from RO newroot) & make root early RW.
rootoverlay[=device1{[:deviceX]} - lowerdir(s) ("OR" or "+deviceX" to multiple).
	"deviceX" are:
		1) /dev/zramX:<compression>:<size> (default - /dev/zram0:lz4hc:8g),
		mkdir.ext4 chrooted from newroot with hardcoded voluntary defaults;
		2) other block device;
		3) directory under new root.
		As soon /newroot/boot is temporary place for squashfs image backend
		device, "/boot" can be used for this image.
	Default: "/dev/zram0" AKA "/dev/zram0:lz4hc:8g".
	(Logical first device contains "upper" & "work", every next - lower.)
rootoverlayflags=<flags> - additional mount flags for overlayfs

	"real_root=/dev/sda2 loop=system.squashfs rootoverlay"
		- mount system.squashfs from /dev/sda2 as root, /dev/zram0 LZ4HC 8G overlay;
	"real_root=/dev/sda2 loop=system.squashfs fsck rootoverlay=+/dev/zram0:lz4hc:8g:/boot"
		- same + /dev/sda2 as middle RW layer in overlay (good for SSD);
	"real_root=/dev/sda2 loop=system.squashfs fsck rootoverlay=/dev/sdb1:+/dev/zram0:lz4hc:8g:+/boot"
		- same, but first try [removable] /dev/sdb1 as overlay and skip other layers if OK.