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Tic-Tac-Toe game written in Java
Java Shell
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This is a Java implementation of a Tic-Tac-Toe game to be played through the console.


* Several gameplay modes such as human vs human, human vs computer, computer vs computer.
* Possible to have different sizes of boards (this needs to be thoroughly tested).
* Possible to implement further interfaces for it instead of just a console-based one.
* Console interface features bash coloring to aid readability.

Artificial Intelligence

I have based the implementation mainly on a negamax-like algorithm. Read about negamax at
the following link.

It's the analysis function that needs to further improved to properly weigh the nodes properly.


1. Install Apache Maven (preferrably version 3.x.x) and have it runnable from your PATH
2. Run ./
3. Enjoy !

Issue Tracking

I am currently recording the issues using Ditz which manages the issues in the same repository
with the source code. To access the issues simply install ditz through RubyGems.

    $ sudo gem install ditz
    $ ditz help

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