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Streetbees code challenge

Project specification

Description Using the best API available on this side of the universe, , make a simple app that allows the user to scroll trough all the comics ever released from the most recent to the oldest (and please, let me see the cover picture while I do it!). For each entry on the list make it possible for the user to replace a cover image with his own image (taken from the iPhone camera) and save the custom entry to the user’s dropbox account.

Functional requirements (Using the Job to be Done framework) When i open the application I want to see a list of all Marvel’s released comic books covers ordered from most recent to the oldest so I can scroll trough the the Marvel universe. When I select one of the comics I want to be able to change the cover picture with a photo taken from my camera so I can be a Marvel character! When I change a comic cover image I want to able to store it in my dropbox account so I won’t lose it when I reopen the application.

Technical requirements Application must run in an iPhone 6 running iOS 9.

Evaluation Criteria you create maintainable code; you care about the user experience ; you pay attention to details; you develop in a scalable manner .

Deliverables Code delivered in a version-controlled repository, github or bitbucket preferable (a rich commit history would be great to be able to see your development process); A video of the app working (a TestFlight invite from which we can directly run the app will also add a good amount of bonus points).