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Sky iOS Developer Test

Write a new app for iOS devices (iPhone only) that will download and display a JSON feed of most popular items. The feed is available on:

Your application should download this feed on start-up and display it to the user as a list with one item per line. Each entry should at least show the title and short description.

Selecting an item should display the associated details page downloading the JSON feed that is provided in the item URL e.g.

links": [ … {"href": " ", …

and displaying the title, image, broadcast channel and synopsis.

Please submit your completed iOS project for this exercise as a zip file by email, including any supporting information you want to include (in text file format ideally).

Your solution will be marked against a number of key criteria, including:

• Fulfilment of the requirements • TDD • Demonstrates a clear understanding of standard iOS coding paradigms • Efficient use of memory and processing resource • Demonstrates good object oriented design • Responsiveness • Error Handling

You may choose to use either swift 2 or objective C.

You will have a maximum of two days to complete the test.