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IOS programming test for core animation test iOS Developer Task Build a view as shown below:

  • The view consists of three coloured squares, randomly positioned; a white circle which is fixed in the bottom left and two buttons: “Add Square” and “Black Hole”.

  • Rotation support is not required.

  • When the “Add Square” button is pressed you should add another square of random colour at a random position in the scene.

  • A user should be able to reposition a square by dragging it to a new position.

  • If a user finishes a drag with a square overlapping the white circle it should be “sucked in” to the circle and leave the scene.

  • When the black hole button is pressed all squares should be “sucked in” to the centre point of the white circle and ultimately leave the scene.

  • The “suck in” animation is at your discretion, but decreasing the size of the square while pulling it into the centre of the circle gives a good effect. Extra Features (it’s better to complete the base task well and add one or two other features than half completing all of these):

  • A user can “fling” a square (UIDynamics added in iOS 7 may help here).

  • A user can rotate a square with a rotation gesture.

  • A user can resize a square with a pinch gesture.

  • A user can double tap a square and it’s colour will change to another random colour.

  • An initial layout of squares can be built from json (this is fine to just load from the assets directory of the project) in the form: {‘squares’: [{‘x’: 120, ‘y’: 230, ‘colour’: #FF0000, ‘size’: 250}, {‘x’:56, ‘y’: 100, ‘colour’: #00FF00, ‘size’: 100}]}

    [] [] []

    () add square black hole