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The Web Book Boilerplate - Your place to start writing books for every platform.
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Web Book Boilerplate

The easiest way of writing books for the web

With the Web Book Boilerplate you have the perfect place to start writing your book! It uses plain old markdown and generates a well structured HTML version of your written words. Since it's sitting on top of Pandoc and Grunt, you can easily make your books available for every platform!

The Web Book Boilerplate is also compatible with Leanpup, so even publishing your books works like a charm.


  • Grunt to automate all the things!
  • Pandoc-based doc generation
  • Supports most used formats: mobi, epub, HTML
  • Compatible with Leanpub
  • Markdown-based
  • SASS support


Checkout the full documentation right here!



Clone the repository via git and install the npm dependencies

$ git clone new-book
$ cd new-book
$ npm install

Ready to start! Write your book by creating chapter files in src/chapters. Add as many chapters as you want. wbb internally uses Pandoc; checkout their user guide for more information on writing markdown.

When finished writing build your book via

$ grunt wbb:html

to get a ready-to-publish html version.

Following formats are supported:

  • wbb:html - HTML version
  • wbb:epub - epub version
  • wbb:mobi - mobi version
  • wbb:rtf - rtf version

If you want to publish your book on, wbb is your friend. It provides a task to prepare your leanpub publishing process. After running

$ grunt wbb:leanpub

simply copy the contents of builds/leanpub into your manuscript folder which should be located in your dropbox.

Note: Don't forget to update src/Book.txt and src/Sample.txt!

More information:

You can also run

$ grunt wbb:publish

to execute all wbb tasks.


Like wbb? Follow the repo on Github. Any open questions? Follow Pascal Precht on Github and Twitter.

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