Hooks ( Actions & Filters )

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Bhari Theme Hooks ( Actions & Filters )

# Hooks

Bhari Theme provide actions & filters wherever possible to customize the theme.

# Filters

# Actions

# Filters

Custom Background Args

Use filter bhari_custom_background_args for Custom Background Args.

Content Width

Use filter bhari_content_width for Content Width.

Custom Header Args

Use filter bhari_custom_header_args for Custom Header Args.

Theme Defaults

Use filter bhari_theme_defaults for Theme Defaults.

Theme Defaults After Parse Args

Use filter bhari_theme_defaults_after_parse_args for Theme Defaults After Parse Args.

Post Meta Args

Use filter bhari_post_meta_args for Post Meta Args.

# Actions

Bhari Html Before

Use action bhari_html_before for website Html Before

Bhari Head Top

Use action bhari_head_top for website Head Top

Bhari Head Bottom

Use action bhari_head_bottom for website Head Bottom

Bhari Body Top

Use action bhari_body_top for website Body Top

Bhari Body Bottom

Use action bhari_body_bottom for website Body Bottom

Bhari Header Before

Use action bhari_header_before for website Header Before

Bhari Header After

Use action bhari_header_after for website Header After

Bhari Header Top

Use action bhari_header_top for website Header Top

Bhari Header Bottom

Use action bhari_header_bottom for website Header Bottom

Bhari Content Before

Use action bhari_content_before for website Content Before

Bhari Content After

Use action bhari_content_after for website Content After

Bhari Content Top

Use action bhari_content_top for website Content Top

Bhari Content Bottom

Use action bhari_content_bottom for website Content Bottom

Bhari Entry Content After

Use action bhari_entry_content_after for website Entry Content After

Bhari Entry Content Before

Use action bhari_entry_content_before for website Entry Content Before

Bhari Entry Content Top

Use action bhari_entry_content_top for website Entry Content Top

Bhari Entry Content Bottom

Use action bhari_entry_content_bottom for website Entry Content Bottom

Bhari Entry Header Before

Use action bhari_entry_header_before for website Entry Header Before

Bhari Entry Header Top

Use action bhari_entry_header_top for website Entry Header Top

Bhari Entry Header Bottom

Use action bhari_entry_header_bottom for website Entry Header Bottom

Bhari Entry Header After

Use action bhari_entry_header_after for website Entry Header After

Bhari Entry Footer

Use action bhari_entry_footer for website Entry Footer

Bhari Entry Footer Before

Use action bhari_entry_footer_before for website Entry Footer Before

Bhari Entry Footer Top

Use action bhari_entry_footer_top for website Entry Footer Top

Bhari Entry Footer Bottom

Use action bhari_entry_footer_bottom for website Entry Footer Bottom

Bhari Entry Footer After

Use action bhari_entry_footer_after for website Entry Footer After

Bhari Content While Before

Use action bhari_content_while_before for website Content While Before

Bhari Content While After

Use action bhari_content_while_after for website Content While After

Bhari Footer Before

Use action bhari_footer_before for website Footer Before

Bhari Footer After

Use action bhari_footer_after for website Footer After

Bhari Footer Top

Use action bhari_footer_top for website Footer Top

Bhari Footer Bottom

Use action bhari_footer_bottom for website Footer Bottom

Bhari Page Header Before

Use action bhari_page_header_before for website Page Header Before

Bhari Page Header After

Use action bhari_page_header_after for website Page Header After

Bhari Pagination Before

Use action bhari_pagination_before for website Pagination Before

Bhari Pagination After

Use action bhari_pagination_after for website Pagination After

Bhari Comments Template Before

Use action bhari_comments_template_before for website Comments Template Before

Bhari Comments Template After

Use action bhari_comments_template_after for website Comments Template After

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