This wordpress plugin helps admin user to select multiple authors of the post and show them after post content at front end.
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=== MG Post Contributors ===

Contributors: Mahesh901122, shilpapapade
Plugin Name: MG Post Contributors 
Plugin URI:
Tags: post, author, contributors
Author URI:
Author: Mahesh Waghmare
Github URI:
Donate link: 
Requires at least: 3.0.1
Tested up to: 4.1
Stable tag: 1.3.
License: GPLv2 or later
License URI:

== Description ==

Use this plugin to set multiple contributors for single post. Simply selecting contributors check boxes at Post Editor. It show list of users with checkboxes and show them at POST. Getting started <strong> 1) </strong> Click 'Activate'  <strong> 2)</strong>  Go to  POST->Add New OR Select existing one i.e. POST->All Posts and select Post <strong> 3) </strong> Choose  'Contributors' and click 'Publish'. To check result just click View Post.

You can set how contributors shown after post contents by: "Setting->MG Post Contributor" and select options how do you want to show contributors on blog. 

Development for this plugin can be found on 

<strong> See Demo </strong>

Click following link to see how it shown at article page.

<strong> How to Use </strong>

<strong> 1. New Post: </strong> 
		<li>Create new post by "POST->NEW POST". </li>
		<li>Enter post Title, Description and click "PUBLISH". </li>
		<li>Add Contributors / Authors. </li>
		<li>To see result click "View Post". </li>

<strong> 2. Existing Post: </strong> 
		<li>Click "POST->ALL POST", </li>
		<li>Select Contributors / Authors.</li>
		<li>Click on "UPDATE". </li>
		<li>To see result click "View Post". </li>
<strong> Admin Panel </strong>

Admin panel provides to change visual interface of contributor. You can set here who contributes shown after post contents. 
Go to "Setting->MG Post Contributor" and update setting as you want. 

<strong> Try Demo </strong>

Login to  to use live "MG Post Contributors".

    User Name : demo
    Password : demo 

== Installation ==

1. Upload `mg-post-contributors` to the `/wp-content/plugins/` directory
2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress
3. Select New post i.e. "Post->Add Post" or select existing post "Post->All Posts".
4. Select Authors from provided list at contributor panel.
5. Click on Publish or Update.
6. To see result click "View Post"

== Frequently Asked Questions ==
1. How to Activate 'mg-post-contributors' plugin?
   After download plugin click on 'Activate'.

== Screenshots ==

1. Activate 'mg-post-contributor' plugin
2. Add new post to create contributors list by POST->ADD NEW
3. Select list of contributors by simply selecting check boxes
4. After publish click "View Details" to see result
5. List of selected contributors below post content

== Changelog ==
= Version: 1.4. Release =
IMPROVEMENT: User can enable/disable social profile links or profile image uploader from 'Your Profile' window.

= Version: 1.3. Release =
ADD: Upload Author Image option for user
ADD: Carousel support option for authors list

= Version: 1.2. Release =
ADD: Plugin / Themes Info list
ADD: 'Custom Before/After' to add custom HTML code Before / After Contributors list
ADD: 'Advanced Options' to add custom JS, CSS, HTML Code.
ADD: 'Mega Styling' options for Author meta data. (Image, Bio, Email, Website etc.)
ADD: Customize Option Panel Layout
ADD: Multiple 'Hide / Show' Meta data options for user.

= 12/09/2014 =
ADD: Show Multiple author meta data at contributors list. (Email, Bio, Website, Social Links)
ADD: Various social link options at user profile window. (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus etc)
ADD: 'Author Block View' to select author block view layout either 'Horizontal' or 'Verticle'. Default: Horizontal.
ADD: 'Exclude Roles' option for user to skip unwanted roles meta box list
ADD: Add 'Enable List' checkbox to enable contributors list
FIX: Hide empty roles which have not any author

= Version: 1.1. Release =
DISABLE: Shortocode temporary
ADD: Dynamic css for Title, Block and Avatars.
ADD: Redux Framework for visual interface styling.
FIX: Remove mg post contributors page from setting menu.

= 2. - 10/03/2014 =
* Tweak - Add admin panel

= 1. - 07/03/2014 =
* Tweak - Active plugin

== Upgrade Notice ==
= 1.0 =
  1.0 is a major update.

== Donations ==