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Creator is the entity who is interacting with the system.

List of other words discussed : User / Worker / Artist / Maker / Producer / Member / Collaborator / Partner / Cooperator


A task is a task. It is assumed that it could be decomposed to atomic tasks.

Atom / Atomic Task

A task which could not be decomposed to smaller parts. It should be as short as possible and require minimum number of people.

White Paper

A "White Paper" is created when a Mahlas is created. see Mahlas Guide for details.

List of other words discussed : blueprint, manifest, pink paper

Mahlas Framework

The framework where mahlas's get created.

A Mahlas

A mahlas may refer to a mahlas instance.


An entity that supports/invests on a mahlas. List of other words discussed : supporter, fedayeen, backer, investor, fellow, stakeholder

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