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boltons Changelog

Since February 20, 2013 there have been 33 releases and 1191 commits for an average of one 34-commit release every 6.2 weeks.


(March 2, 2018)

  • Add <thead> and <tbody> structure to tableutils.Table HTML output, which helps with styling and other functionality (e.g., jQuery datatables).
  • Add dictutils.subdict() to get a filtered version of a dictionary based on a subset of keys.
  • Add beta version of cacheutils.MinIDMap.


(December 16, 2017)

A big release with a lot of features and bugfixes, big and small. Just in time for the holidays!


(February 27, 2017)

Add urlutils module, with URL type and find_all_links function. also update Sentinel for Python 3 falsiness

  • Add urlutils module, complete with RFC3986-compliant URL type
  • Also add urlutils.find_all_links function, which heuristically finds all links in plaintext, and creates URLs out of them.
  • Update typeutils.Sentinel to be appropriately falsy on Python 3


(January 24, 2017)

Several tweaks and enhancements to ring in the new year.


(November 6, 2016)

Mostly bug fixes and various tweaks, optimizations, and documentation. Also added a bit of functionality in the form of ioutils and some GUID stuff.


(July 16, 2016)

A few minor changes, and medium-sized breaking change to cacheutils.


(June 14, 2016)

This release primarily contains several statsutils updates.

  • The biggest change was the addition of Stats.format_histogram complete with Freedman bin selection and other useful options.
  • Added inter-quartile range (iqr) to statsutils.Stats
  • Adding mad (median absolute deviation) to Stats.describe, since median and std_dev were already there.


(June 8, 2016)

another significant release, thanks to the addition of funcutils.wraps and funcutils.FunctionBuilder. also iterutils.chunked speedup, and tbutils.ParsedException.to_string.

  • funcutils.wraps: Just like functools.wraps, but can preserve the function signature as well.
  • funcutils.FunctionBuilder: The basis for funcutils.wraps, this full-featured type enables programmatically creating functions, from scratch or from existing functions. Supports all Python 2 and 3 function features.
  • ecoutils: Python 2.4 and 2.5 support.
  • iterutils: optimize iterutils.chunked_iter (2-5x faster depending on runtime). See #79.
  • tbutils: add the ParsedException.to_string method, to convert parsed exceptions back into strings, possibly after manipulation
  • switch FunctionBuilder on Python 2 to be congruent with Python 3 (keywords attribute renamed to varkw, preview users might have to adjust)


(May 24, 2016)

Just a couple of ecoutils follow-ons, removing uuid dependency and adding the ability to scrub identifiable data.


(May 23, 2016)

Big, big update. Lots of additions, a few bugfixes.


(May 3, 2016)

many small tweaks to socketutils.BufferedSocket, including optional inclusion of the delimiter in recv_until. also undid the enabling of bak files with AtomicSaver on windows

  • Small socketutils.BufferedSocket tweaks
    • make recv_until conditionally return the delimiter (by default it does not). also fix a NetstringException inheritance typo
    • socketutils: rename BufferedSocket.recv_lock to _recv_lock, and same for send_lock.
    • add a bunch of simple passthrough methods to better fill out socket's API
    • add .fileno/.close/.shutdown to socketutils.BufferedSocket
    • added type/family/proto socketutils.BufferedSocket passthrough properties
    • BufferedSocket: also lock on .shutdown()
    • adding an rbuf_unconsumed attribute for post-close debugging, per @doublereedkurt's request
    • getsendbuffer() returns a bytestring and recv_size() uses the proper ._recvsize on the first socket fetch
  • fileutils.AtomicSaver: revert bak file as it was causing confusion, per nvie/pip-tools#351


(April 29, 2016)

This version sees the soft debut of socketutils, which includes wrappers and tools for working with the built-in socket. A lot of socketutils.BufferedSocket changes.

  • BufferedSocket.recv_until now supports multibyte delimiters and also includes the delimiter in its returns.
  • Better BufferedSocket timeout discipline throughout.
  • Various BufferedSocket argument name changes, maxbytes became maxsize, n became size, marker became delimiter, etc.
  • BufferedSocket BufferedSocket became threadsafe
  • BufferedSocket.recv now always returns the contents of the internal buffer before doing a socket call.
  • BufferedSocket.recv_close now exists to receive until the sending end closes the connection.
  • Can now pass recvsize to BufferedSocket constructor to tune the size passed to the lower-level recv call.
  • socketutils got documented and tested.


(April 18, 2016)

adding shell args escaper-joiners to strutils (escape_shell_args, args2cmd, args2sh) as well as a rare breaking fix to iterutils.pairwise.

  • Argument joiners, functions to join command line arguments in context-appropriate ways:
  • BREAKING: finally fixing iterutils.pairwise. pairwise used to call to chunked, now it calls to windowed. pairwise([1, 2, 3, 4]) no longer returns [(1, 2), (3, 4)]. Instead, it returns [(1, 2), (2, 3), (3, 4)], which is what I always mean when I say pairwise, but not what the original contributor implemented.
  • Adding a universal wheel distribution option!


(March 6, 2016)

Added iterutils.same, improvement of Windows fileutils.AtomicSaver behavior for old filesystems, bugfix on strutils.is_uuid, expansion of strutils.pluralize, new trove classifiers and docs improvements!


(February 24, 2016)

The centerpiece of this release is highly improved Windows support for fileutils.atomic_save via ReplaceFile system call. This functionality is also made available directly via fileutils.replace, which is akin to Python 3.3+'s os.replace, except that os.replace's approach has arguably poorer behavior and atomicity compared to fileutils.replace.

Also, a couple new strutils, and iterutils.backoff grew a jitter argument.


(January 24, 2016)

DummyFile, Table.metadata, better exception handling, and in-progress iterutils.get_path

  • Small format fix in for None
  • Initial implementation of fileutils.DummyFile, which allows for easy no-op file handling without restructuring code. Sort of like a dummy RLock for systems without threading, if you've seen those.
  • avoid catching BaseException in all boltons
  • better error handling in iterutils.get_path


One important fix and one small but handy string function.

  • Fixed an LRU bug related to the 15.1.1 refactor. Also enhanced LRU testing with doubly-linked list invariant enforcement.
  • Added strutils.indent, the counterpart to textwrap.dedent.


(November 18, 2015)

A lot of bugfixes and docfixes in 15.1.1.

updated AtomicSaver for better permissions handling, update BufferedSocket message sending, beta version of iterutils.get_path, several docs fixes, Stats zscore and cache bugfix, and an LRU refactor with significantly improved behavior and code factoring.


(September 23, 2015)

Reached the first release version of iterutils.remap(), fully tested and documented. Also a couple of tweaks to expose the iterutils.unique docs.


(September 9, 2015)

a couple dictutils.OMD fixes to dictutils.OMD.pop and dictutils.OMD.popall to make them consistent with the docstrings. and the accompanying tests of course.

  • fix dictutils.OMD.setdefault to default to None and not empty list, per documentation (and add a test to the same effect)


(August 27, 2015)


(August 19, 2015)

Finally the 15.0 major release. All passing PRs and feature requests from the first wave addressed and closed. tzutils merged into timeutils. AtomicSaver approach and API much improved. Several other features added:


(July 31, 2015)

Fix atomic saving open-file issue for Windows.

  • Patch for AtomicSaver on Windows. Full rewrite comes in 15.0.0.
  • strutils.gunzip_bytes for decompressing a gzip bytestring


(July 30, 2015)

BufferedSocket work, html2text, pairwise shortcut, is_container, plural typo fix, timeutils.isoparse, cacheutils.ThresholdCounter, and lots of testing


(May 10, 2015)

Fixed multiline exception message handling in ParsedException. added mathutils. adding a tentative version of socketutils. fix LRU.popitem. fix OMD.eq.


(April 20, 2015)

Add typeutils, remove, make ParsedException work with eval()ed code


(April 11, 2015)

Add partial_ordering, fix LRU repr and addition behavior


(April 10, 2015)

Python 3 support and several community bugfixes. Docs clarifications, too.


(April 10, 2015)

A lot of bugfixes and Python 2.6 and PyPy compatibility changes thanks to community contributions and encouragement.


(April 9, 2015)

First publicly released version. The major focus of this release was docs, docstrings, and Read The Docs.

  • Cleared out init module for maximum independence
  • making statsutils.median use _get_quantile and add statsutils.trimean
  • Switching the statsutils.Stats type to be more sorted-data oriented, since it's only for offline analysis of unordered data
  • Made consistent multi-line string formats, as well as usage of the term 'builtin' vs 'built-in' (noun vs adjective)
  • Instrumented LRI with stats tracking
  • Made timeutils.decimal_relative_time cardinalization optional
  • Removed timeutils dependency on strutils
  • Made tbutils.TracebackInfo classmethods work with no arguments.
  • Renamed ParsedTB to tbutils.ParsedException
  • Made dictutils.OMD .get()/.getlist() semantics more consistent.
  • finalizing .todict() and adding .sorted() to the dictutils.OMD
  • Removed osutils and adding a note about utils in general
  • Made cacheutils more consistent between LRU and LRI, adding some cacheutils docs
  • Deprecate osutils, moving its contents into fileutils
  • Adding in-process statsutils2, with new DataAnalyzer and get_pearson_type (not merged yet)


(March 8, 2015)

Mostly a dictutils API update (addlist), but also gcutils.


(February 26, 2015)

adding mboxutils

  • adding mboxutils for handy dandy /var/mail integrations like cronfed


(February 23, 2015)

updated tbutils, JSONL support, initial cacheutils, atomic writer, hashtags


(October 19, 2014)

First alpha release. Practically, everything not mentioned above was added in this release.

  • tbutils: add ContextualTracebackInfo and ContextualExceptionInfo
  • cacheutils: a few minor changes to the BasicCache
  • update tbutils with some critical bits. still need to add convenience method for ExceptionInfo -> default exception print, also need to add more docstrings.
  • adding initial jsonutils with JSONL support
  • added cacheutils.LRU
  • added timeutils.parse_timedelta
  • fixing iteritems with multi=False in the dictutils.OrderedMultiDict (should return first key, but last value not first)
  • debugutils: add pdb excepthook and debugutils.pdb_on_signal
  • add fileutils.mkdir_p
  • tableutils: add maxlen to table text stuff
  • fix date citation for gob's
  • adding pure-Python implementation of Gob's algorithm
  • fix object header guessing
  • namedutils: add namedtuple support
  • fix a headers bug in tableutils
  • tableutils: add a couple more do-not-recurse types, add UnsupportedData exception for better recursion, insert recursive entries in-line, improve 'Object' strategy heuristic
  • wrap up html tag customization and fix a related bug
  • make html configurable via class attributes
  • strengthen the max_depth check
  • InputType classes are just shorter and clearer, imo
  • new from_dict, from_list, from_object, removing old ones. almost used a MetaClass for this
  • starting new table
  • only update the integer for the field being updated
  • fixing a verbalization/pronunciation issue
  • no regex for better error messages
  • being opinionated about some FilePerms things
  • adding initial version of fileutils/FilePerms
  • update formatutils
  • fix a slightly nasty namedlist bug
  • make OrderedMultiDict.get()'s default allow singulars
  • sync over ExceptionInfo
  • add from_current() classmethod with depth option to Callpoint class for easier instantiation
  • it's called a numeronym
  • add a repr to ParsedTB. A bit verbose, but better than nothing.
  • add ParsedTB, which provides the ability to parse tracebacks dumped out to logs, the command line, etc.
  • improve test output and make assertion that new except hook is the same as the builtin.
  • update tbutils to use the more-powerful Callpoint type.
  • copy_function
  • partially clean up partial stuff
  • first version of the namedlist
  • fixing up namedtuple, groundwork for namedlist. humorously named module.
  • embed value in cell for incremental iteration boost on OMD
  • reorganize code, add 'default' argument to poplast()
  • make key argument optional to OMD.poplast
  • rectifying inconsistent names and adjusting respective tests accordingly. using smashcase because that's what builtin dict() uses.
  • fix reverse; missing yield from!
  • add initial table biz
  • add get_counts
  • add dictutils.OrderedMultiDict.get_inverted() for those handy reverse lookups
  • break out skip list to FastIter OMD + bench
  • add strutils.a10n()
  • fix a bug in dictutils.OrderedMultiDict's .add()
  • adding initial reimplementation of OMD
  • adding some tests to dictutils
  • update boltons formatutils to match what's goin on in lithoxyl
  • remove infer_pos_args() from strutils (already in formatutils)
  • add formatutils to boltons
  • fix a potential infinite recursion in LocalTZ
  • use more explicit names for Local/Constant tzinfo types
  • add a basic but handy file finder
  • add infer_positional_args() to strutils (from lithoxyl)
  • split BasicCache out of dictutils into cacheutils
  • update median calculation slightly
  • add appropriate stacklevel to deprutils warning
  • add an initial version of deprutils (basic utils for facilitating deprecation)
  • add bytes2human
  • first version of some basic timezone utils which came in handy for a train scheduling application I wrote (etavta)
  • reorder imports for pep8
  • redo plain-english relative_time() to have a decimal rounding factor and handle future dates
  • swap the order of cardinalize()'s arguments after intuiting the wrong order a couple times. gotta be consistent, this isn't PHP.
  • a weird little relative time approach
  • add total_seconds() implementation for Python <2.7, rename relative_datetime to relative_time
  • add a relative datetime function in a new module: timeutils
  • a little more transparency with orderedmultidict's maphistory
  • add a test for BasicCache
  • add the super simple BasicCache, a size-limited defaultdict-like thing
  • add a cheesy little splay list construct that can be used for splay- like manual reordering for eventual optimization
  • traceback utils, first draft
  • add strip_ansi() (need to make a cliutils or something)
  • add ansi strip task
  • mess with list tuning
  • add ordinalize()
  • add all to statsutils
  • add more stats docs and doctests
  • add some stats functions
  • add unit_len()
  • add pluralize/singularize/cardinalize to strutils
  • add __all__s all around, clean up imports a bit
  • adding license
  • add sorted queue type, make it the default
  • fix little bug in insert
  • inheriting from list necessitates overriding the deprecated __get-, __set-, and __del- slice methods
  • hacky refactor to have a BasePriorityQueue to make room for SortedPriorityQueue with peek_n, etc.
  • add a little docstring and update sort method in BarrelList
  • add HeapPriorityQueue
  • tidy up listutils comments and imports
  • move treeutils out of boltons since I don't really think a pure python version actually adds much. i'll make an academic one-off repo for less practical data structure experiments like that.
  • inherit from list
  • add reverse() to blist
  • add index() to blist
  • cheesy setitem() for blist
  • add delitem() to BarrelList
  • change the way the in-place sort works with just one list
  • tune the list size a bit
  • add slicing to BarrelList
  • add initial version of BarrelList, a pure-python b-list-y thing to approximate O(log(n)) behavior by multiplexing the fast O(n) list operations
  • switch to new dead index interval approach; the IndexedSet is about half the speed of a list in the ultra-pathological case of random popping on the low end of the IndexedSet
  • made BisectTree's get() defaulting work a bit more like a dict's
  • added get_adjacent and miscellaneous to BisectTree
  • added a default name and always-falsy nonzero to Sentinel
  • add pop() for BisectTree and export the generic Tree
  • make a bisect tree, because O(n) is still pretttttty fast up to about 100k items
  • add a little hack to chunked/chunked_iter to make it work nicely with strings
  • tidy up ki_vs_vi_lrh usage just a titch
  • revamp indices behavior (key_size and value_size)
  • switch to new multi-key mode
  • pretty much done porting insert, delete, balance (the basic operations)
  • switch to negative refs, arbitrary length nodes
  • add sentinel utility thing
  • add .index() for list compat, updated exception messages, and added a silly test to show off slicing and indexing
  • add slicing support and .clear()
  • remove ifilter dependency (using generator expression)
  • add .reverse and .sort() to IndexedSet, fix bisection related bug exposing MISSING (insort requested index, not real_index)
  • pretty much all fundy IndexedSet bugs hit and fixed, looks like
  • IndexedSet getting much closer
  • initial rough draft of IndexedSet with a short docstring and a bunch of fixes already (still not workin tho)
  • add dictutils (OrderedMultiDict)
  • it was a long time coming, but I'm finally halfway happy with this wrapped exception
  • add uniqueification capabilities
  • go back to using new and positional arguments
  • exception wrapping green path mostly working
  • working on a wrapping exception mixin thing for less lossy nonraising.
  • add asciify and update slugify with ascii flag
  • add basic docs and doctests to strutils
  • scratch that, regexes still faster
  • add under2camel, camel2under, and slugify (and split_punct_ws, which is much faster than re-based punctuation splitting)
  • python3-compatible doctest for bucketize_bool
  • bucketize and bucketize_bool, with docs
  • add examples to chunked and chunked_iter
  • update split() docs with more examples.
  • iterutils.chunked_iter and iterutils.chunked
  • iterutils.split and iterutils.split_iter work