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Skeleton Sticky Footer

If you're reading this, you've likely already found Skeleton, the super-lightweight grid-based layout. You have probably also found that Skeleton is so lightweight as to not have any cross-browser support for a footer that will remain at the bottom of the page, even if the page content is short.

This repository contains a minimally-enhanced version of the boilerplate "Basic page" with which Skeleton 2.0.4 ships. The page adds the necessary wrapper divs to create a sticky footer, while leaving the rest of the basic page exactly the same. The footer is cross-browser tested and supports Skeleton-based responsive columns and sizing.

No changes are made to Skeleton itself. The index.html demo page has just been made more practical. When new versions of Skeleton are released, this approach should continue to work.

Special thanks to Kyle Powers for his help. All the modifications to the baseline Skeleton are released under CC0. Skeleton itself is MIT-licensed.


A minimally-enhanced version of the Skeleton 2.0.4 basic example with a sticky footer.



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