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ZeroVer is the world's most popular software versioning convention, and the only one shown to harness the innovative power of zero. The benefits are innumerable and the effects on the software world are profound.

Read more at 0ver.org.


The site is statically generated using Chert.

Content is all under entries/.

Tables of current and past ZeroVer users are generated from projects.yaml into projects.json by tools/gen_projects_json.py using the GitHub API. The project list has gotten long enough that you'll need an API key.

custom.py uses Chert hooks to render and inject tables based off of projects.json. custom.py and tools/gen_projects_json.py are both written to only depend on libraries required by Chert. To bring things full circle, Chert has been 0ver for almost 3 years at the time of writing.