my continuation for irssi, the client of the future but with python scripting instead of perl!
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irssi-python test3

irssi-python embeds Python into an Irssi module, providing most of the
functionality of the Perl wrapper to Python scripts using a similar interface.
Read INSTALL for setup instructions.

Currently, all of the objects and functions are accessible through the irssi
module. See docs/irssi-python.html for a listing. Basic docs are also available
online in Irssi, as well. Use the /py exec command to send commands to the Python
interpreter while in Irssi. 

This will print help for the Window object:
    /py exec import irssi
    /py exec help(irssi.Window)

Other commands:
    /py load     load a Python script
    /py unload   unload a Python script
    /py list     list loaded scripts