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Ryan McDermott ryanmcdermott

Developer 💻 Musician 🎵 Software Philosopher 📖

San Francisco

Eric Jang ericjang

Research engineer at Google Brain

TJ Holowaychuk tj

Founder of Apex @tjholowaychuk on Twitter & Medium.

Apex Victoria, BC, Canada

Reuben Feinman rfeinman

Symantec, Serre Lab Mountain View, CA

Nicolas Papernot npapernot

Penn State University University Park, PA

Aitor Ruano ai-tor

☕️ Artificial General Intelligence, hacking and self-driving cars ☕️


Kenneth Reitz kennethreitz

I wrote Requests: HTTP for Humans. The only thing I really care about is interface design.

Heroku Winchester, VA

minxomat turbo

CEO & Public Speaker. Turning PCs up to eleven by trade and passion. I store my banter at @GoTurboOfficial (aka twitter).

AutoIt, ASM, C/++, JS, .NET Leipzig & London

Alex J. Champandard alexjc

Artificial Intelligence specialist, co-Founder at, Director conference, Deep Learning, ex-R☆/Guerrilla Games Senior AI Programmer.

@creativeai Vienna, Austria

Jerry Gamblin jgamblin

Problem Solver. Naturally Ebullient. Terrible Programmer. Decent Hacker. Amazing Googler. Successful Procrastinator.

United States

Nolan Lawson nolanlawson

I was born in a crossfire hurricane

@MicrosoftEdge Seattle

Carlos Toxtli toxtli

Senior Bot developer and Full-Stack developer with more than 15 years of experience.

Google United States , Mexico

Norayr Chilingarian norayr

@vishaps Yerevan, Armenia

Alec Radford Newmu

@openai San Francisco, CA

TENSORTALK tensortalk

You're on!

Iwasaki Yudai yudai

The gopher on a skillet

NTTi3/NTTLab Bay Area, CA

Garen Torikian gjtorikian

I inhale and exhale.

@github San Francisco, CA

Martin Mareš gollux

United Computer Wizards Prague, Czech Republic

Shan Carter shancarter

Google San Francisco Bay Area

Amir Raminfar amir20

Director of Engineering at Quid! We are hiring. Send me a message if interested.

Quid San Francisco, CA

Michael Manukyan mike1808

hacker, deep learning fanatic, espresso and vinyl lover


Michael Lancaster weblancaster

Javascript engineer, Creative software craftsman. Built @Soundnode and @Solshal

Uptake Chicago - IL

Tigran Hakobyan tiggreen

software engineer at Buffer / building / Laravel enthusiast

buffer / ycharts / twitter New York, NY

Leon Radley leon

Fullstack developer focusing on angular2 / spring boot and related tech.

@digiPlant Sweden

Bert Belder piscisaureus

StrongLoop, Inc. Amsterdam

Nathan Rajlich TooTallNate

Programmer / Nerd. @nodejs core committer, revolutionizing deployments @zeit. Before you ask, I'm 6’6”

@zeit San Francisco, CA

Fedor Indutny indutny

While being kept on ice in a Cryostasis Chamber, Fedor Indutny was held in the HYDRA Siberian Facility alongside other Winter Soldiers...

PayPal USA

Trevor Norris trevnorris

NodeSource Salt Lake City, UT

Levon Kirakosyan noosxe

Cyclop Yerevan, Armenia

isaacs isaacs

npm inventor and CEO. Early contributor and former BDFL of Node.js. Author of many JavaScripts. Been making internets for a pretty long time.

npm, Inc. Oakland CA

Rafayel Mkrtchyan MicBrain

Product Manager | Software Engineer | Growth Hacker

CodeFights San Francisco, CA