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from sqlalchemy import create_engine
from sqlalchemy.orm import sessionmaker
import sqlalchemy.orm.exc
from psycopg2.extensions import adapt
from optparse import OptionParser
p = OptionParser()
p.add_option("-d", "--dburl", dest="dburl", default=None)
p.add_option("-t", "--table", dest="table", default=None)
p.add_option("-i", "--id", dest="idcolumn", default="id")
(options,args) = p.parse_args()
engine = create_engine(options.dburl,echo=False)
sess = sessionmaker(bind=engine)()
assert options.table
sql = "SELECT * FROM %s WHERE %s" % (options.table, " AND ".join(args + ["TRUE"]))
cursor = sess.execute(sql);
cols = []
for k in cursor.keys():
if isinstance(k, int):
for r in cursor.fetchall():
data = {}
for c in cols:
data[c] = r[c]
pk = data[options.idcolumn]
setvals = ", ".join(["%s=%s"%(x, adapt(y)) for x,y in data.items()])
print "UPDATE %s SET %s WHERE %s=%s" % (options.table, setvals, options.idcolumn, pk)