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YAPM - Yet Another Pip Manager

(rather dependency tracker, but yapm is way better name than yapdt)

yapm is tool for installing packages from pypi, and storing installed things in requirements/*.txt files.


Because I want to track packages I install in my environment, to have quite ready files for pip -r commands.

How to use it:

    $ packagename==requirements


    $ git+

Note! when installed from git, then package will be installed in edit mode

How to install it:

    make install

Why not pip freeze?

Because pip freeze shows lot of dependencies, which are not important. They can also fail to install half year later.

Why not pipenv?

When I first run pipenv, then I thought 'wow, it's what I wanted'. But later I realized that hides pip too much, and in fact I don't really know what is going on. When I add --verbose, then I see lot of output from pipenv (which I don't really want to see) but I still don't see output from pip install. And output from pip install is most valuable for me, because there I can find informations why package failed to install.

Also it's too complicated for me. Looks like it's goal is to find the optimal combination of dependencies. I want only to install package X and store information about X to appropriate requirements file.

Also, it has only 2 environments: dev and non-dev. I need more (dev, test, prod)

Why not pipm?

Because it doesn't handle git links. So when I install git+ it's not stored in requirements/base.txt nor in setup.cfg

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