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Ember.js and Firebase Integration
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Ember.js and Firebase Integration

This library provides a base Ember.js model that does the retrieving and syncing of your object's property to your specific Firebase location.


Just add the "emberfire.js" file in your html.

<script type="text/javascript" src="./emberfire.js"></script>

Example usage

Sample Firebase location data:

  - person
    - firstName: "Juan"
    - lastName: "Pedro"
    - age: "17"
    - address: "Manila"

[Step 1]
To have an Ember.js model that is Firebase-location-aware, you just have to extend the "EmberFire" model:

Person = EmberFire.extend({});

[Step 2]
Provide these properties to give default values:

  • locationUrl -- property to specify your firebase location.
  • isListItem -- default is false property to tell if this firebase location a list item or not.
  • listId -- needed if isListItem is set to true and it is already existing in the firebase location.
  • modelProperties -- property to enumerate the firebase location properties.
var firebaseLocation = "/myapp";

Person = EmberFire.extend({
  locationUrl: firebaseLocation + "/person",
  modelProperties: ["firstName", "lastName", "age", "address"]

[Step 3]
Once you are done specifying this configuration you can "optionally" add your own properties to your Ember.js model and specify their default values:

Person = EmberFire.extend({
  locationUrl: firebaseLocation + "/person",
  modelProperties: ["firstName", "lastName", "age", "address"]

  firstName: "",
  lastName: "",
  age: 0,
  address: ""

[Step 4]
And then you can create an instance of your model and it will automatically sync any updates on your Ember.js model.

window.App = Ember.Application.create();
App.person = Person.create();

If you want to delete the whole model on your Firebase location just call the "remove()" method.

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