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COVID-19 repository

Some of the code and data I'm using to put up: and

Here I'll be adding updated data and some maps for the spread of COVID-19 in Chile! (Note: Data publicly provided by Ministerio de Salud, and locations obtained through Google Maps)

  1. data_covid.csv: Data from the Ministry for tested individuals (+), with location according to the testing center (no longer being updated since 03/17).
  2. data_covid_region.csv: Data from the Ministry for confirmed indivudals by region and date (from the first case, updated daily), recovered by scraping data from the ministry of health.
  3. scrape_daily_data.R: Code originally created by Sue Marquez for NYS (, and adapted to scrape Chilean data.
  4. covid_maps_public.R: Quick R code to generate maps for GIFs.
  5. confirmed_cases_by_residence_latlon.csv: Confirmed cases by date and county of residency (comuna), as provided by the Ministry of Health in their Epidemiology reports. Lat/Lon refer to latitude and longitude obtained from geocoding the counties using Google's geocode API (you can check out the code in my other repository folders).
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