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MaidSafe Meta Library Wiki

This is the super-project in which each MaidSafe library resides. Some information is common to all libraries, and is detailed here. Library-specific information can be found in each library's wiki.


A Super project that allows all MaidSafe libraries to be installed with most dependencies already in place. This base container of dependent libraries and build system is designed to allow developers a very simple mechanism to install and use these libraries and applications. This system allows users to install, build, compile, test and publish all test results publicly for all MaidSafe code.


  • Boost C++ libraries
  • Crypto++ libraries
  • Google Protocol Buffers
  • Google LevelDB
  • Catch Test
  • Google Test
  • Google Mock
  • CMake build system
  • Creates build configurations for MSVC, Xcode, Makefiles (for many build systems)
  • Cross platform

Programming languages

  • C++11
  • Python (for QA scripts and test launchers)
  • CMake scripting


This meta-library is considered BETA quality and is provided with a full test suite and QA suite. This can be considered for use in production quality systems at this time. Below are the current list of builds that are being used:

  • Windows 7 x32
  • Windows 7 x64
  • Windows 8 x64
  • Linux Ubuntu 13.10
  • Linux Ubuntu 14.04
  • Linux Odroid Ubuntu 13.10
  • OSX 10.8
  • OSX 10.9


  • Vastly improve documentation (including provision of tutorials and/or examples)
  • Implement simpler, top-level API to salient parts of submodules' APIs
  • Implement further compiler setups, such as MinGW, Intel, embedded systems (ARM etc.)
  • Improve continuous integration setup
  • Relocate test dashboard
  • Integrate better mechanism to upgrade boost libs (awaiting advances on CMake version of modularised boost)
  • Include a graphics lib for further graphically intensive testing
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