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Perpetual Web Browser

The Perpetual Web is the first end-user focused milestone on the way to the Beta launch of the SAFE Network. It will showcase and enable the perpetual, versioned, nature of all public data.

The app at the heart of this is the Safe Browser. This repo will be deal with the features that will extend the browser, creating the Perpetual Web UX. It'll take designs from concept stage, through to production assets that can be used to build upon the SAFE Browser.

User Personas and Usecases

We have three proto-personas for the Perpetual Web milestone.

  1. Laurel: The Consumer
  2. Tony: The Contributor
  3. Yanni: Web Developer

Wireframes — Laurel: Read Only Version History

We're beginning The design process with the simplest set of user stories—centred around the read-only mode of use—catering for the needs of Laurel. It's a solid place to start as it will involve the important set of features around version history, understanding authorship identities, and exploring linked data, but without the complexity of account creation, publishing etc.

Fleshing out the stories and user flows for Laurel also helps inform the requirements for Tony and Yanni.

It should be noted that these are 'mid-fidelity' wireframes. They should enable you to grasp how the user interface will function, and picture it in use, but they are relatively plain vanilla in their look and feel. We are focusing on function and interaction first, and then aesthetic will come in later iterations.

Viewing Version History History

How does Laurel navigate the version history for a page, or asset? How does she know she is on the latest version, and see what has changed since the previous versions.

What can she learn about the publisher of content, and the owner of the site?

View Wireframes in Figma

Error Responses Page

Here we start to detail out the error responses Laurel may encounter, including missing, moved, or outdated content.

You will also begin to see some hooks into Tony's persona, including creating a Public Name, or accessing Private Data.

View Wireframes in Figma

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