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Integration of quic-p2p into Routing

Updated Jun 19, 2019

Tracks the progress of Quic-p2p's integration into Routing.

QUIC (Quick UDP Internet Connections) is a specification. QUIC is the solution to a number of transport and application layer problems. Whilst it’s very similar to TCP and TLS, it’s implemented on top of UDP.

Secure Message Delivery (SMD)

Updated Jun 18, 2019

SMD is how the network can be certain a message received at a destination was validly sent from a trusted section in another part of the network.

The combination of reliable message delivery and SMD enables the network to transmit messages with reliability and efficiency.

Reliable Message Delivery (N/3)

Updated Jun 13, 2019

A method for relaying messages in the network such that every message will be successfully delivered with a very high probability, equal to 1 under the assumption that no section in the network is compromised. This is achieved by choosing a set of relay nodes that should contain at least one correct node at every hop.

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