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Command line interface for the SAFE Network. Refer to SAFE CLI User Guide for detailed instructions.

SHA-256 checksums for CLI binaries:

zip: b5c30829a2c0000a84eb5f693096281e036d422bb0e7ac2c92221021911cac27
tar.gz: 8e21e80d3d7b12c2070b2c542ac3ca9ab3c83224b78494440253ada1390f05d7

zip: 5f7a01589e11a12860a045197b106267615e64eca777da109b59bd1b5c93efbf
tar.gz: 51ceef587dc3927eff39995728032480ad8d36adcef5f46ecfc627a38bb56103

zip: fed6e32cf075302b5f66dfe7cf5124b808e298f42e788d2dd4b692357a66e51d
tar.gz: bb07fdfd3af932d713fc68c49acee445aa42db555110150e4abbcc38fce9c338

SAFE Authenticator daemon

The Authenticator daemon exposes services which allow applications and users to create SAFE Network accounts, log in using an existing account's credentials (passphrase and password), authorise applications which need to store data on the network on behalf of the user, as well as revoke permissions previously granted to applications.
The SAFE Authenticator, which runs as a daemon or as a service in Windows platforms, can be started and managed with the SAFE CLI if the safe-authd/safe-authd.exe binary is properly installed in the system with execution permissions. Please refer to Authenticator section in CLI User Guide for detailed instructions.

OS Download link SHA-256 checksum
Linux Download 0773c2c8d74f75c7ec7d19af71c2df154510928c2fb9fcd0ed8ffe7becf7fafb
macOS Download a4d7193596832ccca05b0accf1e78d7fb8a1706c08bf6a8b785c3bf04de5ceaa
Windows Download a8fd7334e92478eaa29c3c1883898ca07efd574b0eb178a24a4bbedc35295879


FFI is used to generate the native libraries which can be used by other high level languages to consume the Rust API. The development versions use a mocked version of the SAFE Network.

OS Download link
Linux Download
macOS Download
Windows Download
iOS Download
Android ARMv7 Download
Android x86_64 Download

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