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Command line interface for the SAFE Network. Refer to SAFE CLI User Guide for detailed instructions

Bash Autocompletion

If you are using Bash on Linux, you can get autocompletion for safe by doing the following:

curl -L > ~/.safe_completion
chmod +x ~/.safe_completion
echo "source ~/.safe_completion" >> ~/.bashrc

SHA-256 checksums for release versions:

zip: b75a0f9483a1ff4617e16b3d38c53b1cc35e45f0442a8519a6c5da7a2da51169
tar.gz: 328c1b8c1f18dea46ad0079c05a9da670d7e761afc9bcdceec2362bc9ae62be9

zip: 6e67109bac23c3faff6ffd5a356bf61d9ab6c821ab2067c6c6f77393a5ef1c52
tar.gz: f2e78f17476ed9f5ac8dbb18be61434b1b9e07c314cdd8da1ded3346367945dc

zip: 384e8aede117acff8759eab6ad7c502b22b23769f7fee9b7dcc440b0e00082de
tar.gz: 6ccae34e62316da78805edc4488c85e5605efa14f1be2157e1e5b89e74ed50b9

SAFE Authenticator daemon

The Authenticator daemon exposes services which allow applications and users to create SAFE Network accounts, log in using an existing account's credentials (passphrase and password), authorise applications which need to store data on the network on behalf of the user, as well as revoke permissions previously granted to applications.
The SAFE Authenticator, which runs as a daemon or as a service in Windows platforms, can be started and managed with the SAFE CLI if the safe-authd/safe-authd.exe binary is in the system's PATH with execution permissions (please refer to Authenticator section in CLI User Guide for detailed instructions).

OS Download link
Linux Download
Windows Download
macOS Download


FFI is used to generate the native libraries which can be used by other high level languages to consume the Rust API. The development versions use a mocked version of the SAFE Network.

OS Download link
Linux Download
Windows Download
macOS Download
iOS Download
Android ARMv7 Download
Android x86_64 Download

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