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@MaidSafe-QA MaidSafe-QA released this Sep 5, 2019 · 1 commit to master since this release

Command line interface for authenticating with the SAFE Network.

With the SAFE authenticator, users can create SAFE Network accounts, log in using existing credentials (secret and password), authorise applications which need to store data on the network on behalf of the user, and manage permissions granted to applications.

Development Builds

There are also development versions of this release:

The development version uses a mocked SAFE network, allowing you to work against a file that mimics the network, where SafeCoins are created for local use.

SHA-256 Checksums for Release Versions

zip: d4d72f0f5831a73272749b3adff5fbbcc198b1287779a5b10a47bd1a57209e1c
tar.gz: 4b4aa7f262b042c7b7e2ce8f3b1063e830326d5a766d195b0ec93154274242bc

zip: c4f77feccb18b1a4c879fdb79da4ec20883fe1a70f60f5098dac2b00c0783e66
tar.gz: 237ff1867e15808a76308ffc4bcfc0c11f2a7e64ee91f769956e98bc4ceba5e3

zip: 2550d6d23de1310aefaf102ec77d121ff915e3ff809d05ba9f293dd497da82dc
tar.gz: c912523b5ba3c685d84bc2b548820befccd62d10014d40ce1250291c25a073b6

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