@S-Coyle S-Coyle released this Jan 9, 2019

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Note that you will need to register/update your IP address to access the network. See the forum for more details.


  • Add revoke app feature: User has the option to revoke access for an app that they had previously granted access (PR #17 ).
  • Add support for container request, share MData request, unregistered app request (PR #22).
  • Update authentication popup to show request details (PR #22).
  • Add secret and password strength checker when creating an account (PR #23).
  • Bug Fixes: RegisteredApp list refresh, auto-reconnect (PR #19).
  • Updated alerts to show appropriate error messages for different error codes (PR #28).
  • Bindings: Update bindings to support v0.9.0 of safe_authenticator (PR #29).
  • Remove support for Android x86 and add support for Android x86_64 (PR #29).
  • Update build target framework versions to 9.0 and 12.1 for android and iOS respectively (PR #18).
  • Use Xamarin.Essentials instead of Xamarin.Auth for secure storage (PR #16).

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