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SAFE Email App

The SAFE email app is an example app which showcases how to use the MaidSafe.SafeApp NuGet to build a simple email application.

Demonstrates the usage of:

  • Private MutableData
  • Public MutableData
  • App's own container
  • _publicNames and services containers
Build Status
Build Status


  • First step would be to Authorize the SAFE email app by authenticating it using the SAFE Authenticator mobile.
  • Create a Public ID which would act as a unique identifier on the SAFE email app. Option to create multiple Public ID's that could be used to create different communication channels. For instance different accounts for personal & official use.
  • Compose an email and send it to another user by addressing it to their Public ID.
  • Receive & reply to an email from another user.

Application Data Model

The following diagram depicts how the emails are stored in the SAFE network, as well as how the email app stores email accounts information.

Email App Data Model



Requires SAFE Authenticator mobile to authenticate itself into the SAFE network.

If building on Visual Studio 2017, you will need the following SDKs and workloads installed:

Workloads required:

  • Xamarin

Required SDK/Tools

  • Android 9.0 SDK
  • Latest Xcode

Supported Platforms

  • Android 4.2+ (armeabi-v7a, x86_64)
  • iOS 8+ (ARM64, x64)

Further Help

Get your developer related questions clarified on SAFE Dev Forum. If your looking to share any other ideas or thoughts on the SAFENetwork you can reach out on SAFE Network Forum


This SAFE Network library is dual-licensed under the Modified BSD (LICENSE-BSD or the MIT license (LICENSE-MIT at your option.


Copyrights in the SAFE Network are retained by their contributors. No copyright assignment is required to contribute to this project.

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