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@S-Coyle S-Coyle released this Sep 5, 2019 · 3 commits to master since this release

Note that you will need to register/update your IP address to access the network.

To read more about the SAFE Mobile Browser release, including instructions on how to try it out on an iOS device, see the related forum post.


0.2.0 - (2019-09-05)


  • Enable app dark theme 🎉 features for Android and iOS (#175) (25e744f), closes #175 #158 #158
  • Update progress bar to show content load %age instead of indeterminate progress (dc524c6), closes #159
  • Add image download context menu for Android (#170) (538834b), closes #170
  • Enable back and forward navigation gestures on iOS (#177) (f38d906), closes #177
  • Enable landscape mode in iOS (#164) (dfc8225), closes #164
  • Add feature to show, copy, & delete log files from settings page (#168) (1ad61a2), closes #168

Bug Fixes

  • Update bookmarks page 'no bookmarks text' (#176) (7aceb1f), closes #176
  • Update info.plist to allow photo download from webpage on iOS devices (#160) (e22e391), closes #160
  • Fix loading of numeric websites on Android devices (#174) (313a54f), closes #174
  • Refactored code to show error pages from webfetch (#155) (c02b62e), closes #155
  • Fixed iOS settings page to open FAQ, and Privacy page links (#153) (01b610d), closes #153

Other Changes

Known Issues

  • Mobile browser (iOS) may not be able to connect to the SAFE Network when using cellular data.
  • Changing the device network connection between whitelisted and non-whitelisted IP network may cause app to freeze.

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Privacy Policy

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