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@MaidSafe-QA MaidSafe-QA released this Nov 15, 2019


0.0.4 (2019-11-14)

Bug Fixes

  • linux: Fix linux app detection. (afdb0fd)
  • linux: Get local version of linux install (4d0ae70)
  • mac: Update mac opening commands (f494443)
  • udpates: Mac update fix. (63737dd)
  • update: Fixes error for checking localAppversion (6d4746f)
  • win: Update windows version hunting (313bcb7)
  • Improved application update logic (7e3a593)
  • Push app update notification, handled app update success and failure, and dryRun the app update. (b8e187f)
  • Resolve e2e test stop running while on Notification check. (b6222f9)
  • Updated check for update to support Windows and Linux OS (e5f4794)
  • Updated Safe Apps update process to fire from background process (d4479e9)
  • Updated to support Linux and Windows for triggering update (bdc5184)


  • appUpdates: Update apps from SNAPP (a80858f)
  • Integrated unit test and e2e test cases. (d255731)
  • Updated to check application update and trigger it. (c68534a)

Watch the following video introduction to what the SAFE Network App is, and what it will become over the next few weeks and months:

SAFE Network App builds SHA-256 checksum:




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