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safe_app_java is a Java wrapper for the safe_app API.

safe_app is a native library which exposes low level API for application development on SAFE Network. It exposes APIs for authorisation and to manage data on the network.

Maintainer: Krishna Kumar (

Build Status

API Documentation

The API documentation for safe_app_java library is available at

Supported Platforms

Android API 24 and above (armeabi-v7a, x86_64 support).

Getting started with Android

Two flavours of the android library are available: safe-app-android and safe-app-android-dev for the non-mock and mock network respectively.


The libraries are available on the jcenter() maven repository. To include the library in your android project add the following to the dependencies in the build.gradle file.

dependencies {
    implementation 'net.maidsafe:safe-app-android-dev:0.1.0' // mock network
    implementation 'net.maidsafe:safe-app-android:0.1.0' // non-mock network

We recommend using the product flavours feature to include dependencies for the mock and non-mock variants of your application as demonstrated in the safe-getting-started-android application.

Build Instructions


safe_app_java requires

  • Gradle 4+
  • Java 8
  • Android SDK

To build the AAR packages for Android, first make sure that the ANDROID_HOME environment variable is set and then run the following commands inside the root directory.

gradlew :safe-app-android:download-nativelibs
gradlew :safe-app-android:build

On a successful build the AAR libraries will be generated in the safe-app-android/build/outputs/aar folder.

To build the API documentation locally

gradlew :safe-app-android:javadoc

The generated documentation will be available in the safe-app-android/build/docs/javadoc directory.

Running tests:

The unit tests in safe-app are shared with safe-app-android. To run the Instrumentation tests:

gradlew :safe-app-android:runInstrumentationTests

This will require a supported emulator / Android device (with USB debugging enabled)

Further help

Get your developer related questions clarified on SAFE Dev Forum. If your looking to share any other ideas or thoughts on the SAFENetwork you can reach out on SAFE Network Forum


This SAFE Network library is dual-licensed under

at your option.


Copyrights in the SAFE Network are retained by their contributors. No copyright assignment is required to contribute to this project.