Change Log

0.11.0 (2018-12-17)

Bug Fixes

  • Update author to be Maidsafe for (c) notice in about menu (#464) (c31a84c)
  • TabHandling: Opening a link with a completely new window crash fixed. (0e35b01)
  • URL Handling: Cold opening safe/safe-auth: URL errors fixed. (f6f5433), closes #471
  • Address bar url handling: No longer strip index/.html from urls (#340) (eb32eea)
  • AddressBar: changing import of dependency for case sensitive systems like linux (420939c)
  • AddressBar: Various fixes to address bar buttons / actions (e51d9e2)
  • auth: DOM unauthed connection now resolves. (8dec25c)
  • auth: Post refactor anon connection now registered for prod builds (d3fd71b)
  • browser state: wipes bookmarks and history upon logout (3e169c4), closes #325
  • browser-window: adds frame to browser window options (#366) (7ed5bd8), closes #362
  • Express server: Small fix to auth file serving. (3fd593b)
  • install: do a full build on 'yarn' (3a04fca)
  • lint: Add in extension eslintrc (5dc3d69)
  • logs: Fix tab error log on crash (eff813f)
  • memory: mocks safeBrowserApplication_actions to prevent call stack size error (be0a4df)
  • package: crust.config matches executable on Windows (d83d34f)
  • SafeApp init: Only overwrite safeBrowserAppObject used for fetch upon successful auth. (fabc8e3), closes #433
  • test: adds delays (6051db4)
  • test: Fix address bar tests w/mock for native libs (984dfd2)
  • test: update auth URIs with base32 encoded ones supported by safe_auth lib v0.9.0 (f6e36a4)
  • tests: Add in more mocks to prevent FFI / rangeReq error. (30a92bb)
  • tests: further mocking to prevent FFI errors in jest (0248373)
  • tests: OSX and Linux e2e tweaks (bb1fced)
  • typo: missing comma (a7654f5)
  • ui: adjusts spectron area styles to fix broken test (d0cf556)
  • UI: adds action to props to dropdown web ID's (0e47a13)
  • UI: when the app name is just - or _ characters render them in the authenticator as they are (a7c43e1)
  • webID: WebId retrieval readded. (e98a87c)
  • show app devtools in --debug mode after pack (9c91a5d)
  • webview: Update safe_app version to prevent webview crash. (#453) (045dad3)
  • add icon to browserWindowConfig to display icon (c121e40)
  • show Auth popup after denying/ignoring an shared MD auth request (9c4a8de)
  • show Auth popup after denying/ignoring an shared MD auth request (8dc9cf1)


  • Experiments: Add reducers and basic UI for experiments (0a5ffb0)
  • Expermients: Enable passing options to app init (a84f88f)
  • safe-app: Update safe app. (d6e3799)
  • safe-app: Update safe app. (Also clean up some crazy logs) (418696f)
  • safe-app: Updated safe-app-nodejs 0.10.0 (1bb49ee)
  • tests: add tests for shared MD auth request (d9f6d87)
  • Tests: Add tests to check login/logout behaviour. (18386b3)
  • UI: loads favicons in tab bar (0a1be22)
  • UI: renders errors with React component (10cbcd6)
  • ux: link revealed upon mouse over link (#392) (29e091c)
  • UX: key bindings to cycle tabs forwards and backwards (c6717fa)

Known issues

  • The browser considers a XOR-URL invalid when the typeTag part is greater than 65535 e.g. safe://hyfktcegr68th4og68y9eks99cie14qtw44zpmjdttqqujxr3bb5jnnip7r:160485 triggers error Invalid URL: safe://hyfktcegr68th4og68y9eks99cie14qtw44zpmjdttqqujxr3bb5jnnip7r:160485 (issue #429)

SAFE libraries Dependencies

  • @maidsafe/safe-node-app: v0.10.3

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SAFE Browser builds SHA-256 checksum:



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