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Welcome to the SAFE Client Libs wiki!

This is the official public knowledge base for Client Libs. Please use the sidebar to navigate around.


Please see Introduction to Client Libs for a high-level description of the project.

Crate graph

This is how all the pieces of the MaidSafe backend stack fit together. Each arrow points from a crate to one of its dependencies.

safe_app dependencies


  • Box node: top-level crate (safe_app)
  • Black: normal dependencies
  • Blue: dev dependencies (safe_app -> safe_authenticator)
  • Purple: build dependencies (safe_app -> safe_bindgen)
  • Yellow: crates in Client Libs that safe_app does not depend on
More info

This was generated using cargo-deps and the following command:

cargo deps --all-deps --include-orphans --subgraph safe_app safe_app_jni safe_authenticator safe_authenticator_jni safe_core --subgraph-name "SAFE Client Libs" --filter accumulator config_file_handler crust ffi_utils fake_clock lru_time_cache maidsafe_utilities parsec resource_proof routing rust_sodium safe_app safe_app_jni safe_authenticator safe_authenticator_jni safe_bindgen safe_core safe_crypto safe_vault secure_serialisation self_encryption system_uri tokio_utp --manifest-path safe_app/Cargo.toml | dot -Tpng -Nfontname=Iosevka -Gfontname=Iosevka >| safe-client-libs.png

Contributing to this wiki

Note that this this wiki is only directly editable by contributors, as all pages are expected to undergo a review process. If you wish to submit a page or make a change to the wiki, please raise an Issue describing the change and we'll get on it!

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