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Comments Plugin

Simple javascript plugin built using React and Mobx for enabling disqus like commenting feature.

Build the Plugin

  1. Clone the project

    $ git clone
    $ cd safe_examples/non-editable-comments-web
  2. Install the Node.js dependencies.

    $ yarn install
  3. yarn build will build the plugin to the build folder.

Integrating the plugin to your page

Two simple steps for integrating the plugin:

  • Include the script in your html and initialise the plugin
  • Visit the page to enable comments for that page.

Initialising the plugin

Build and refer the comments.js file in your html page.

Initialise the plugin after the DOM is ready by passing a topic and targetId as parameters. window.safeComments('unique-topic', 'div-comments');

The above line of code will load the comments UI in target specified as div-comments. The comments added to this page will be saved against the topic unique-topic in a MutableData. The name of the MutableData is determisinstically generated (hash(window.localtion.hostname)). The target is an optional value and it defaults to #comments.

Every page must be supplied with a unique topic. The topic should unique under the hosting, since all the topics are added as keys in the MutableData. If a duplicate topic is passsed the comments related to that key if already present will be modified

Example snippet:

		<script src="./comment.js"></script>
		document.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded", function(event) {
			window.safeComments('Page-Topic-My-Blog', 'CommentTarget');
			<h1>My Blog</h1>
			<div>Blog content goes here!</div>
		<div id="CommentTarget"></div>

After publishing the page, admin must visit the page to enable comments for the page.

Simple tasks as exercise

Trying to add minor features to the plugin can be a good place to get started. Few simple tasks can be,

  • Adding a refresh button to the list.
  • Since the plugin is using HostName to determine the MutableData name, If admin migrates to an other service, comments would be lost. Implement an better workaround for this problem.