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@github-actions github-actions released this Dec 4, 2019 · 3 commits to master since this release

Implements a SAFE Network Vault.

For more information regarding running a vault and connecting to the MaidSafe hosted shared vault please visit the corresponding forum post.

To connect to the public shared vault please download vault_connection_info.config from here

SHA-256 checksums for release versions:

zip: dd17809363296125a7e232dcbf8f2bdc3693da35f7a2b391586633fff495d212
tar.gz: 87368a5ebe1d01342da6cfc9e4333fa3c59540ea6a591381531615aebb40e8cf

zip: cdf8aaa0ad3929e085f7205174a415d54484a7a1bc3a1f22cdf71d5281f0c9ae
tar.gz: 14abdcdb99f8fdda6b84cfaf54e1e31b779033444669bdb9976ce6d22a6ee433

zip: 3eab0d48cf1b0fb66d25f989acff92e9411e8ed83bd6a8541192f6937bd8e4e2
tar.gz: 8ad4978682326ec49a8c7ba175243f672749b4f3ce42459246938a25f3cd5c06

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