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Packer Templates

Packer templates, mainly for use building boxes for Vagrant Cloud.


Latest versions of: packer, vagrant, and VirtualBox

Current boxes

Use existing template

Using centos7.5.1804 as an example:

  1. cd centos7.5.1804
  2. Edit centos-7.5.1804-x86_64.json
    1. Update to use the correct account name.
    2. And anything else that interests you (customize by editing anything applicable in the scripts/ or http/ subdirectories.)

To perform a local build simply run, ../ local

To perform the build integrated with Vagrant Cloud run, ../ vagrantcloud (Ensure that VAGRANTCLOUD_USER and VAGRANTCLOUD_TOKEN are set correctly.)

Test build

Note, this is a local build and will intentionally fail on the vagrant-cloud post-processor. If it didn't it would push every build up to Vagrant Cloud, probably not what is desired when the template is being developed, updated, and/or tested.

$ ../ local

Note, to debug the VM boot process change headless to false in the template. Optionally, run PACKER_LOG=1 packer build centos-7.5.1804-x86_64.json to see additional debugging output from Packer.

Deploy to Vagrant Cloud

This will act accordingly to how the variables were set in the environment and build.conf.

$ ../ vagrantcloud

Creating a new distribution/release template

  1. Create distribution specific directory structure by copying a previous release or a similar distribution. $ mkdir centos7.x.y && cp -r centos7.5.1804/* centos7.x.7/.
  2. Change to the new directory $ cd centos7.x.7
  3. Change the name of the packer configuration file mv centos-7.5.1804-x86_64.json centos-7.x.7-x86_64.json
  4. Edit the new packer configuration file for the new distro/release
  5. Edit remaining files to update for new distro/release

Note: some of the older release templates still reference the previous Atlas configurations; to build those again the template files would need to be updated to use Vagrant Cloud rather than Atlas.