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Examples and demos for nvk
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Running examples

This repository contains examples and demos for nvk - a Vulkan rendering API for node.js

Some examples use libraries such as gl-matrix or the WebAssembly port of tinyobjloader

To compile shaders at runtime, nvk-essentials is used


  1. Clone this repository
  2. Run npm install
  3. Navigate into an example folder and run npm run start



  • Compute shader rendering the mandelbrot set


  • A spinning cube, demonstrating buffer and texture upload

Live Shaders:

  • Demonstrates hot reloading of shaders based on file changes


  • VK_NV_raytracing example


  • The most basic example - A good starting point


  • Example on how to setup and use nvk in TypeScript


  • A spinning webcam model using a PBR shader
  • Demonstrates .obj file uploading, uniform buffer objects and window events


  • Demonstrates usage of the window interface
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