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3D engine using WebGL2, WebAssembly
JavaScript GLSL
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 - Added displacement mapping
 - Fixed FBO support for color + depth attachments
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This is a hybrid JavaScript/WebAssembly 3D engine using WebGL2. It's using glmw, a C port of gl-matrix. The engine's core features are deferred shading, physically based rendering and skeletal animations.



  • Deferred shading
  • PBR
  • Skeletal animations
  • Point + directional lighting
  • Instanced rendering
  • Environment mapping
  • Shadow mapping (WIP)
  • Cubemaps
  • Skyboxes
  • Ray casting (e.g. for mouse picking)
  • Bounding boxes
  • Plane realtime reflections + refractions
  • Billboarding
  • Multiple render target support
  • Frustum culling
  • Occlusion culling
  • Unified tangent/bitangent calculations
  • All direction fog
  • God rays
  • Blur/Bloom filtering
  • Supported file formats: .dae, .obj, .md5
  • Simple to use API's for Batching, FrameBuffers, Filtering, Bounding boxes, Lighting, Textures and Shader programs
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