A plugin to enable the use of scalatest in a gradle Scala project.
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A plugin to enable the use of scalatest in a gradle Scala project. Build Status

Getting started


This replaces the existing test task actions with a scalatest implementation (see Other Frameworks below).

In addition to your testCompile dependency on scalatest, you also require a testRuntime dependency on pegdown in order to create the HTML report.

dependencies {
  testCompile 'org.scalatest:scalatest_2.11:3.0.1'
  testRuntime 'org.pegdown:pegdown:1.4.2'


This plugin aims to be compatible with the current version of Gradle. The table below indicates the minimum required version.

Gradle gradle-scalatest scalatest
4.5 0.19 2.0
4.0 0.16 2.0
3.0 0.14 2.0
2.14.1 0.13 2.0

Parallel Testing

The default behaviour is to use as many parallel threads as you have available processors.

Test tasks are modified at the time that you apply the plugin (as otherwise they would default to single-threaded).

To disable this, you should configure your test tasks accordingly.

test {
    maxParallelForks = 1


Scalatest provides support for filtering tests by tagging. We cannot use the PatternSet provided by the Test task because it applies this filter to test files internally.

We therefore provide an extension named tags to Test tasks.

test {
    tags {
        exclude 'org.scalatest.tags.Slow'

task slowTest(type: Test) {
    tags {
        include 'org.scalatest.tags.Slow'


Suites are supported with another extension to the Test task.

task userStories(type: Test) {
    suite 'com.example.UserStories'
    // suites 'a.Spec', 'b.Spec', 'etc'


Scalatest provides a simplified wildcard syntax for selecting tests. We directly map Gradle test filters to this form.

test {
    filter {
        includeTestsMatching 'MyTest'

This can also be supplied on the command line:

./gradlew test --tests MyTest


Additional configuration can be passed to Scalatest using the config map

test {
    config 'db.name', 'testdb'
test {
        'db.name': 'testdb'
        'server': ''

Other Frameworks

The default behaviour is to replace all Test tasks with a scalatest implementation.

This may not be appropriate if you are migrating an existing project to scalatest.

The com.github.maiflai.gradle-scalatest.mode property may be configured to support the following behaviour:

Value Behaviour
replaceAll replace all instances of the Test task
replaceOne replace only the Test task named "test"
append create a new scalatest Test task named "scalatest"

It's probably easiest to set this in a gradle.properties file at the root of your project.

com.github.maiflai.gradle-scalatest.mode = append