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Run steps in console!

irb(World):001:0> Given 'I have entered 10 into the calculator'
=> [10]
irb(World):002:0> visit ''
=> #<WWW::Mechanize::Page
 {url #<URI::HTTP:0xb76b666c URL:>}
irb(World):003:0> response.should contain('README')
=> true


Feature: Happy life with crb
  Scenario: execute steps manually
    Given prepare cucumber files
    When use crb instead of cucumber!
    Then execute steps as you like in irb

  Scenario: enjoy webrat
    Given prepare cucumber files
      Or nothing required for just walking web sites
    When just crb!
    Then brose web sites as you like with webrat

  Scenario: learn rspec
    Given prepare cucumber files
    When just crb!
    Then enjoy rspec methods



% gem install maiha-crb --source=