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📫 Homebrew Mailhog

Don't use this tap, use official repo!

Mailhog formula is now available in official Homebrew repository (see the PR). This tap is obsolete now and formula file is removed, but installation instructions are updated to guide you through the setup.

How do I install the formula?

brew install mailhog

Or install via URL (which will not receive updates):

brew install


There are couple of ways to start MailHog:

  1. Run brew services start mailhog if you have homebrew-services tap installed.
  2. Run $(brew --prefix)/bin/MailHog & if you want to start it manually.

Open and start using. (Give it couple of seconds to boot.)


If you want to run MailHog manually, you can use command line options to configure MailHog.

MailHog as sendmail replacement

To use MailHog as a sendmail replacement for PHP, add the following line to your php.ini file:

sendmail_path = $HOMEBREW_PREFIX/bin/MailHog sendmail test@test

Replace $HOMEBREW_PREFIX with the path where your Homebrew is installed. Restart PHP process after you make the change to php.ini file. Refer to brew info mailhog to see the full path to MailHog on your system.