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JavaScript Style Guide

Refugees-Quiz: How Much Do You Know About The Refugee Crisis?



We live today through a huge refugee crisis. Today lives the highest number of refugees since the Second World War. Immigration and refugees admittance have become a central topic in today's political debates. It's important that we know the facts before making any rushed conclusions. This quiz tests your knowledge on the subject.


  • Refugees-Quiz is built in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • It uses jQuery for tracking state and DOM manipulation.
  • It uses Bootstrap for advanced styling, and for providing a consistent user experience across browsers.
  • It follows StandardJS conventions.
  • Refugees-Quiz is deployed on GitHub Pages.

User Stories:

  • As a user, I should be able to add my name to the app, so it's clear that the result is mine.
  • As a user, when I answer a question, I should receive a feedback, so I know if I answered the question correctly.
  • As a user, when I finish the quiz, I should receive an overall result, so I know how I performed in this quiz.
  • As a user, I should see a timer on the top of the quiz, so I can track my speed.

Contribution Guidelines

Contributions are welcome. You can contribute to this project by either submitting an issue here, or by submitting a pull request here!