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Azure Key Vault Actions is a Build and Release Task for Build / Release pipeline.

Actions that can be carried out with this extension are:

  • Get Azure Key Vault secret value
  • Add / Update Azure Key Vault secret
  • Remove Azure Key Vault secret
  • Add access policy
  • Remove access policy
  • Import Azure Key Vault certificate
  • Get Azure Key Vault certificate Uri


This extension solves a problem for maintaining and deploying large environments with Azure DevOps. An example for such an environment is when you are deploying Azure App Services with a managed identity. This Identity may need access to the Key Vault to retrieve secrets or when you would like to re-deploy a completely new environment with all the configuration.

In Azure DevOps there is a default integration with the Azure Key Vault. I found that this integration does not offer all the actions that you may want to carry out that’s why the extension was created.


To be able to use the extension you need an existing Key Vault. The service connection that you will be using should have access to this Key Vault.


Within the task multiple parameters need to be specified:

  • Azure RM Subscription: The subscription / service connection to connect to.
  • Action: The specific action to perform on the specified Key Vault.
  • Key Vault name: The name of the key vault.
  • Secret name: The name for the secret.
  • Secret: The secret value, for this value you should use a secured variable within Azure DevOps Pipelines.
  • Certificate name: Name of the certificate to retrieve or import.
  • Certificate file: The certificate file to import.
  • Certificate password: The password of the certificate.
  • ObjectId: The objectId of the object in Azure Active Directory to give access to or remove from the access policies.
  • Permissions to keys: Permissions to the keys separated by ','
  • Permissions to secrets: Permissions to the secrets separated by ','
  • Permissions to certificates: Permissions to the certificates separated by ','
  • Permissions to storage: Permissions to the storage separated by ','
  • Variable name: The name of the variable to save the results to.
  • Overwrite: Overwrite the secret or certificate if it already present is in the Key Vault.


For the documentation check the Wiki.

When you like the extension please leave a review. File an issue when you have suggestions or problems with the extension.



Make sure the application that is performing the actions has the appropriate rights for settings assignments.

Release Notes

Version Remarks
1.0.0 Initial version
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