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This extension is discontinued

In order to get the same functionality with extra actions get the extension PowerBI Actions

Publish PowerBI file is a Build and Release Task for within your Build / Release pipeline.

With this tasks you can publish a PowerBI file or multiple files to a specific group within

Within the task multiple parameters need to be specified:

  • Source File: The location of the PowerBI file can be a search query "*.pbix".
  • Username: The name of the user that will publish the file.
  • Password: The password of the user that will publish the file. This value should be saved as a secured variable.
  • ClientId: The ClientId of the application that has access to the PowerBI API.
  • Overwrite: Checkbox for specifying if the PowerBI report should be overwritten.
  • GroupName: The groupname were the file should be published to.

In order to make this extension work a application should be created with access to the PowerBI api. Besides that you should have a user that has access to the application your specified in Azure Active Directory.

Azure Active Directory Application





For the documentation check the Wiki.

When you like the extension please leave a review. File a issues when you have suggestions or problems with the extension.


Release Notes

Version Remarks
1.0.0 Initial version
1.2.0 Fixed issues and some minor changes
1.2.4 Extension discontinued use extension "PowerBI Actions" instead
1.2.5 Integrated in CI & CD for patching when nessary