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Trigger Azure DevOps Pipeline is an extension for triggering a Azure DevOps Build or Release Pipeline.

Depending on your choice in the task it will trigger a build or a release pipeline.

To be able to use the extension an Azure DevOps API endpoint needs to be created. The token used in the endpoint should be Personal Access Token. How you can create a personal access token can be found here:

Make sure the personal access token has the following rights:

  • Triggering a Release: Release – Read, write & execute – Build Read & Execute
  • Triggering a Build: Read & Execute

For the service connection to work as it should you need to configure the following parameters:

Azure DevOps API Service Connection

The extension itself has the following parameters

  • Azure DevOps service connection: The service connection that you have configured.
  • Project: The project where the pipeline resides.
  • Pipeline type: The type of pipeline (build / release).
  • Release Definition: The definition to trigger.
  • Release description: Description for the release. Can also be empty.
  • Build Number: If you want to use a specific build number. It will set the build number for the primary artifact. When left empty it will take the latest build.
  • Build Definition: The build definition to trigger.
  • Branch: The name of the branch to trigger. When left empty it will use the default configured branch.


For the documentation check the wiki.

If you like the extension, please leave a review. File an issue when you have suggestions or if you experience problems with the extension.


Release Notes

Version Remarks
1.0.1 Initial version
1.0.3 Updated documentation